Providing Responsible Landscaping for Homes and Businesses

Competent, Safe, Thorough and Reliable

LivePlanet, a privately owned and operated company, providing commercial and residential services for the Silicon Valley area. Our dedicated team has over 20 years of combined experience in their industry.

 Work Philosophy: 

  • Perform the job safely, with outstanding quality and to client's specifications and satisfaction.
  • Commit to friendly and respectful collaboration, with client, employees and suppliers to accomplish the most efficient and productive work outcomes.
  • Utilize only them most environmentally friendly products and tools to nurture the healthiest and most aesthetically pleasing environments.

LivePlanet stands for:

  • Comprehensive service optimally adapted to client's needs
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly agents
  • Competent, reliable and friendly personnel
  • Internal audits of finished work
  • Proactive in providing creative and cost effective solutions
  • Periodical reports of issues addressed and value added
  • Periodical reports of Issues requiring client's attention and approval
  • Reapid handling of complaints

About The Owner: 

    Emilio Cedillo, 18 years in the facility maintenance industry. Experience include facility management, supervision and hands-on maintenance. Worked on most facilities systems and related equipment, including, electrical distribution, fire alarm, HVAC, Security, plumbing, phone, emergency and process back up systems... 

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